Severe threat from Corona to Nawaz Sharif's health, Directions to stay in Isolation

Severe threat from Corona to Nawaz Sharif's health, Directions to stay in Isolation

Posted on Mar 31, 2020

PML-N leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's UK-certified reports have been sent to the government In which doctors instructed them to live in sub-isolation of the serious health risks.

Nawaz Sharif, who was investigating the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case, was allowed overseas treatment due to poor health.

After the postponement of treatment, the government was constantly insisting that the former prime minister submit his report as soon as possible.

Now the latest reports of Nawaz Sharif have been sent to the government by the PML-N under which the PML-N leader has been instructed to adopt isolation to avoid coronavirus.

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Nawaz Sharif's reports have been confirmed by London's Notary Public Dr. Charles Durstan Guthrie, who says Nawaz Sharif is suffering from various diseases and the Coronavirus could be affected more quickly.

Reports by David L. Lawrence say that Nawaz Sharif had contacted me earlier at Royal Brampton and Hairfield Hospital in connection with his cardiovascular disease, which revealed that he had a severe heart attack. They are suffering from ailments and the blood flow to the heart is affected, which poses a serious risk to a part of their heart.

In a report released on March 19, he said that even a checkup from the University Hospital of Switzerland earlier this month had failed to go to the hospital because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dr Lawrence further wrote that Lahore: Nawaz Sharif's health is still poor, the blood vessels which are Nawaz Sharif's heart are not fully functional.

Dr Lawrence explained that Nawaz Sharif poses serious risks because of the Coronavirus at this age, so it would be better to keep him in isolation.

He said that Nawaz Sharif suffers from other diseases including diabetes, kidney and it would be better to stay in the UK for treatment because not only the doctors are fully aware of his health but also the health of the people here. Higher facilities are also available.

The two-page Nawaz Sharif's medical reports are certified by the Pakistani High Commission in the UK.


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