Senate agree to continue meeting until end of February

Senate agree to continue meeting until end of February

Posted on Jan 20, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The government and the opposition have agreed to continue the current session of the Senate for the entire month of February, despite no special work to be done to fulfil the condition of holding at least 110 days for one parliamentary year.

By imposing the responsibility for the extraordinary situation, both the government and the opposition have to agree to continue the session for about 2 months just because fulfilling the constitutional requirement is not only to offend the sanctity of the Senate but also. The MPs will also be the cause of the scandal.

According to the report, Article 54 (2) of the Constitution does not have to be less than 110 days in the Senate every year.

It should be noted that the Senate's parliamentary year began on March 12 last year and up to January 17, only 70 days of meetings have been held.

If three joint meetings are also counted in it, then the Senate has been 73 days so that, according to the constitutional condition, there will be another 37 days till March 11.

Interestingly, in the last 10 months, the Senate has been meeting for only 48 days, as per the rules, the interval of 2 holidays between 2 working days is also calculated.

Meanwhile, Senator Shibli Faraz, the leader of the Senate, acknowledged this slowdown by the government but placed the responsibility on the opposition.

He agreed that the parliamentary system was paralyzed by the government's decision not to hold a Senate session for three to four months, but said that "by doing so we have saved the government from being paralyzed" which according to him. Had a more negative impact on the country and the people.

He alleged that the opposition had created an environment that was not conducive to better parliamentary affairs.

Shibli Faraz said that because of the numerical majority in the Senate, the opposition obstructed the legislatures, forcing the government to do so through the ordinance.

He, however, agreed that the unnecessary length of the Senate session would affect the quality of Parliament's work, and suggested that the constitution should review the terms of the number of meetings.

On the other hand, former chairman Senate and senior PPP Senator Raza Rabbani alleged that the government did not call the Senate for four months due to malicious intentions.

He said that the government was running the country through the ordinance and the Senate did not call the meeting for fear that the opposition could reject the ordinance.


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