'Security crackdown' spreads to Saudi military officers in Saudi Arabia

'Security crackdown' spreads to Saudi military officers in Saudi Arabia

After the arrests of the royal family by Saudi Arabia, the 'security crackdown' was extended to government officials and military officers.

According to a report by the US newspaper The Wall Street General, the move was taken by Saudi Arabia to eliminate potential challenges to its sovereignty.

It is to be remembered that three princes, including the brother and nephew of Rumi Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz, had been detained by Saudi authorities for plotting a coup.

Al-Jazeera's report said that the day after the Saudi royal family was arrested on an alleged plot to rebel, the US newspaper said that Prince Nayef bin Ahmed, a former military chief of intelligence, was also arrested.

The report also said that the expansion of the aforementioned operations has been extended to dozens of interior ministry officials, senior military officers and other suspects seeking to support the coup.

On the other hand, reports by the US news agency Associated Press published in the newspaper that speculation about a possible uprising or the sudden deterioration of Shah Salman's health were released following the arrest of two Saudi princes.

In the context of this, on Sunday, the government media released a picture of Saudi Arabia practising law, in which he appears to be performing his duties in good health.

Two close friends of the royal family said that the arrests of the two princes came in the absence of co-operation with Wali Ehud Mohammed bin Salman, who, with the support of his father, strengthened his control at all levels of power.

In addition, sources in Saudi Arabia called the arrest of Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz and nephew Mohammed bin Nayef, the younger and cousin of Saudi Arabia, as a source of provocative leadership in Saudi Arabia.

Sources also said that these arrests have given a message to everyone in the royal family who is deprived of feeling that they should correct their ranks and be quiet because if Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz could be arrested, then any prince could be arrested.

Crackdown reports surfaced on Friday after a photo released showed King Salman taking oath from 2 Saudi diplomats.

It is to be noted that the arrested Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was already under intense surveillance as he was removed from the race for succession in 2017.

On the other hand, the arrest of Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz was also unexpected as he is the real younger brother of Shah Salman and a senior member of the Saud family.

However, Prince Ahmad Wali had contradictory views on the pact and was one of the few senior princes who refused to take allegiance to Saudi Arabia when he took office.


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