Section 144 again impose in Islamabad

Section 144 again impose in Islamabad

Posted on Jan 16, 2020

The District Magistrate of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) issued a notification imposing section 144 imposing various sanctions on the city.

According to a notification issued by the district administration, the housing societies are illegally publicized and fraudulently collect money from the public, hence their advertising has been banned.

The city will be banned from advertising for housing societies, advertising in newspapers, selling plots, charging membership fees.

According to the notification, the district magistrate has also banned the gathering of 5 or more people in Redzone including Khayaban Suhrawardy, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue and Serena Chowk.

The district administration also banned CDs, DVDs and sound systems used in sectarianism, including the digging of mountains in Islamabad.

In addition, the district administration also banned the use of fireworks, the sale of goods and the sale and sale of firearms in the city.


Mian Tajamul

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