Scientists kill while proving 'the world is not round'

Scientists kill while proving 'the world is not round'

Posted on Feb 25, 2020

Although most experts and experts in the world agree that 'the world is round', there are people in the world who are convinced that 'this world is not round'.

And the so-called American scientist who tried to prove his claim that the world was not round was crashing.

Yes, American pilot and so-called scientist Mike Hughes flew to the Valley of Death just minutes after flying from space in the US state of California to launch a spacecraft.

The British newspaper The Independent quoted the American Science Channel news in its report, saying that American scientist Mike Hughes was killed by a rocket fired by himself.

According to the report, Mike Hughes, with the financial support of several companies, developed a rocket in his own home whereby he began travelling to space.

Mike Hughes wanted to prove to the rocket that "the world is not round but straight and smooth".

The so-called scientists who died in the accident had repeatedly claimed that other scientists and government theories of the world were false and the world was not round.

He claimed that the world was straightforward and straightforward, and he used to do extraordinary experiments to prove his claim.

Mike Hughes, who showed the process of travelling astronauts lives on TV, was deeply saddened by the American science channel.

The TV channel administration said they were going to make new history with the aforementioned scientist, but that could not happen.

The channel expressed deep sadness at the scientist's death, saying that Mike Hughes was convinced that "the world is not round."

On the other hand, after a scientist was killed, a spokesman told local media that in fact, Mike Hughes did not claim that the world was not round.

A spokesman for the scientist said the dead scientist simply did not believe government claims that 'the world is round.'


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