Backlash as Scholar Labels 95% of Nation’s Women Uneducated

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Backlash as Scholar Labels 95% of Nation's Women Uneducated

In a recent episode of Sama TV‘s program, ‘Makalma’, motivational speaker Sahil Adeem sparked controversy with his comments about the country’s women, claiming that 95% of them are ignorant. This statement led to significant backlash on social media, as viewers reacted strongly to his views.

The debate, hosted by Ayesha Jahanzeb, focused on various human rights issues, including the educational status of men and women. Adeem suggested that while 25% of men might be illiterate and another 50% less educated, about 25% are highly educated.

However, his assertion that 95 out of 100 women assessed would be ignorant, familiar only with makeup and TikTok, and unaware of essential subjects like religious teachings was particularly contentious.


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A female participant in the program challenged Sahil Adeem’s statement, asking for evidence for such a claim and arguing that societal conditions created by men contribute to any lack of knowledge among women. She demanded an apology for his derogatory remarks.

The situation escalated when playwright Khalil-ur-Rahman Qamar, another guest, intervened. His harsh interaction with the female participant drew further ire from viewers, leading to widespread criticism of both Qamar and Adeem on social media platforms.

Videos of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s aggressive responses became viral, intensifying the public discourse about the treatment of women in media debates. Critics also targeted the show’s host, Ayesha Jahanzeb, for allowing the conversation to deteriorate to such a level.


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This episode has ignited broader discussions about gender bias, education, and the media’s role in perpetuating stereotypes. The controversy underscores the need for media personalities and hosts to foster more balanced and respectful discussions to avoid reinforcing harmful stereotypes.

The backlash from this episode continues to resonate, prompting calls for accountability and change in handling sensitive topics on public platforms.

Backlash as Scholar Labels 95% of Women Uneducated

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