Saudi women have done a proud job

Saudi women have done a proud job

Posted on Mar 9, 2020

Saudi women have done a proud job

Riyadh: Saudi authorities have provided employment to 26 women in aviation in various sectors of aviation, including air traffic control.

Saudi Arabia has honoured women with the blessing of independence just a few years ago under the vision of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

26 women belonging to the Gulf state Saudi Arabia have been employed by Saudi authorities in the aviation department.

According to a report by the Arab News Agency, the aviation department has expressed pride that despite the expansion of an airport project in Saudi Arabia, all employees and workers are Saudis.

The department said that women who have served in various aviation sectors including air control have completed their education from the international standard Saudi Air Academy.

Women working in the Air Traffic Control Tower have three major responsibilities.

The first responsibility is to monitor the aircraft flying in and out of the airport at a height of fifteen thousand feet within a 60-mile radius.

The second responsibility is to regulate the movement of aeroplanes from the control tower to the sides of the airport, the take-off of aircraft, monitoring landing and running on the runway.

The third responsibility is to regulate the movement of the aircraft at the highest altitude and take action to integrate their maximum speed into the control area.

These three tasks are extremely important, extremely complicated and of extraordinary importance, but women have demonstrated their abilities in every field.


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