Saudi Arabia: H5N8 virus spreads, minister confirms

Saudi Arabia: H5N8 virus spreads, minister confirms

Posted on Feb 5, 2020

Saudi Arabia: H5N8 virus spreads, minister confirms
Riyadh: Saudi Arabia's Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture confirms the H5N8 virus report in the state.

according to an Arab media report, Saudi Minister confirmed that bird flu (H5N8 influenza) is suspected to spread to influenza poultry and may affect many poultry farm chickens.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Environment confirmed that after the outbreak of influenza, an emergency was imposed by sealing poultry farms across the country, teams have been dispatched to the poultry farms so that timely action can be taken.

He said that the first case of H5N8 was reported in July 2018, after which we took emergency measures and defeated the virus.

Dr. Aba Khalil said that the virus does not transmit from birds to humans nor does it pose any danger to human health, though it does spread to birds and animals as a result of which they die.

It is to be remembered that on February 3, the report came out that H5N1 influenza was attacked on chickens in Hunan province of China, which has killed more than four and a half chickens and spread to more poultry farms.

Experts say that the virus, such as H5N1 influenza, a bird-borne bird, can spread to humans, but it is not easily transmitted from one person to another.

World Health Organization says 'H5N1 avian influenza' is less pervasive to humans, a record of the outbreak in the past tells that 60% of those infected have died.


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