Saudi Arabia goes beyond Pakistan and India in empowering women

Saudi Arabia goes beyond Pakistan and India in empowering women

Posted on Jan 17, 2020

For the past three years, reforms have been underway in Saudi Arabia and the government has introduced a number of reforms that have made women independent.

In Saudi Arabia, where women were allowed to drive in the last 2 years, women were given many freedoms, including working with men, acting them, visiting abroad without the permission of a male guardian. Are.

Because of Saudi Arabia's initiatives, the World Bank has called it the "best country" for women's reforms and empowering them.

In its 2020 report titled 'Women, Trade Activities and Laws' by the World Bank, Saudi Arabia has been named the best country for women empowerment and reform for them.

The report examines the countries from 2017 to the present who have taken practical steps in the past 2 years to make women more independent, including legislation to empower them.


Saudi women are also allowed to work in media and shows - Photo: Reuters
The report looks at 8 departments in 190 countries of the world, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Thailand, China, Japan, Turkey and Singapore.

The World Bank measured 190 countries in 8 sectors, including marriage, child-rearing, business opportunities for women, industry and business leadership, retirement, health and workplace reform.

The World Bank placed 100 numbers for all sectors reforming countries, out of which Saudi Arabia received 71 numbers.




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