Saba Qamar Boldly Declines Film with Saif Ali Khan

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Saba Qamar Boldly Declines Film with Saif Ali Khan

In a recently resurfaced video clip, popular Pakistani actress Saba Qamar candidly discussed her initial encounters with Bollywood film offers and her decision to turn down roles, including one opposite Saif Ali Khan in the romantic film Love Aaj Kal. The video has stirred significant attention on social media.

Early in her career, Saba Qamar was approached with several opportunities to act in Bollywood movies. She shared that one such role she declined was due to her mother’s disapproval. Another was her own decision not to participate, particularly in Love Aaj Kal, where she would have played a supporting role alongside lead actors Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone.


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Reflecting on her decisions, Saba Qamar expressed a hint of regret, especially about Love Aaj Kal. When I found out that Deepika Padukone was in the film, I refused the role. However, after watching the movie, I felt maybe I should have accepted it, she remarked.

Saba Qamar also spoke about her notable experience working with the late Irrfan Khan in the critically acclaimed film Hindi Medium. She highlighted the cultural shift from Pakistani dramas to Bollywood cinema, particularly mentioning a challenging scene where she had to wear a nightdress. Coming from a background of Pakistani dramas where such scenes are uncommon, it was initially difficult for me, Saba Qamar explained. Nevertheless, she appreciated the support from the entire film team, including Irrfan Khan, which helped her overcome her hesitations and perform comfortably.

Saba Qamar with Irrfan Khan

Moreover, Saba Qamar revealed an interesting anecdote involving Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. After watching Hindi Medium, Balan reached out to her via WhatsApp to praise her performance. Initially skeptical that such a renowned actress would contact her directly, she ignored the call but later returned it, leading to a heartfelt exchange between the two.

In another revelation, Saba Qamar mentioned that she was also offered a role in Delhi Kis but declined it to respect her mother’s wishes, emphasizing her commitment to family values even in the face of potential career-changing opportunities.

Saba Qamar Professional Life

Saba Qamar’s reflections provide a rare glimpse into the personal and professional choices that shape an artist’s career trajectory. Her experiences underscore the cultural nuances and personal dilemmas actors often navigate in their journey across international cinema landscapes.

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