Russia: 5-year sentence for spreading misinformation of Corona

Russia: 5-year sentence for spreading misinformation of Corona

Russia has been banned from leaving homes in several areas, including Moscow, after a new 500 cases of the Coronavirus emerged in a single day, while penalties were also issued for those spreading false news about the outbreak.

By the morning of March 31 in Russia, the number of Coronavirus patients had reached 2337, with 17 deaths.

Despite the outbreak of Corona, Lockdown was not implemented in Russia, as in other countries, when President Vladimir Putin also told the public on March 30 that the situation with regard to the Coronavirus was under control.

However, late in the speech of Vladimir Putin, Russian officials confirmed that 500 new cases were reported in the country in the last 24 hours.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, after the new cases were recorded in Russia in a single day, the local government of several areas, including the capital Moscow, imposed a lockdown and ordered people to remain confined to their homes.

According to the report, Moscow's local government banned people from leaving their homes, while only those who work in public affairs were allowed to leave their homes.

The report said that Moscow's local government has allowed citizens to go to nearby vegetable shops and grocery stores, but citizens have been ordered to remain confined back to their homes after necessary work.

Moscow's urban government ordered that citizens be restricted to homes, while 27 other Russian regions also imposed sanctions on citizens and ordered people to be restricted to homes.

In Russia, most people affected by Corona in the last 24 hours are reported to be young and aged between 18 and 40 years.

The Russian government has already announced that the government is treating about two million people who have the same symptoms as Corona but have not been diagnosed with Corona.


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