Rocket attacks on US embassy in Iraq

Rocket attacks on US embassy in Iraq

Rocket attacks on US embassy in Iraq

Baghdad: There have been rocket attacks near the US embassy in the Iraqi capital, with no casualties or financial losses as a result of the attacks.

according to an Arab news agency report, The US Embassy in the green zone of the Iraqi capital Baghdad has again been targeted by rocket attacks.

According to reports so far, two rockets were fired at the embassy on Monday early morning, resulting in no casualties reported.

According to security forces, the rockets were fired from unknown directions and no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Remember that on January 26, the US Embassy in Iraq also suffered rocket attacks.

About Iraqi security sources, media reported that five rockets were fired at the embassy., damaging the building and military bases, in the Green Zone of Baghdad after the death of Iranian General Qassim Soleimani. Till now, several rockets have been fired towards the US Embassy.

It should be noted that there are foreign missions and public buildings in the green zone, the US military base and the embassy are also located in the same area.


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