Rich countries aid poor countries to deal with Corona, Oxfam

Rich countries aid poor countries to deal with Corona, Oxfam

Oxfam, a global charity, has called on rich countries around the world to provide financial assistance to poorer countries around the world to cope with the outbreak of Corona and its damages.

Prior to Oxfam's demand, the United Nations and the World Health Organization, as well as other welfare organizations, have made similar calls, while the UN has also started distributing $ 2 aid to Corona-affected countries.

Apart from the global welfare agencies, rich countries like the United States have announced funding for Corona-affected countries, but Oxfam has demanded that far more work needs to be done for poor countries.


According to the Reuters Thomson Foundation, Oxfam on March 30 called on wealthy countries around the world to provide a large sum of money for poor countries dealing with a global epidemic like the Coronavirus.

According to the report, Oxfam called on wealthy countries to announce at least $ 160 billion in aid to the poorest countries in Africa and Asia.

Oxfam says there are currently three billion people around the world deprived of clean water while millions of people around the world are deprived of basic health care.

According to the World Organization, the poorest countries are already lacking health facilities and adequate food, and refugees living in many countries are also prone to the outbreak and there is no isolation center.

Oxfam said the Coronavirus, where millions of children around the world are expected to be infected, is likely to affect 70 percent of women and many other volunteer work, including serving women worldwide. Also perform without pay.

Oxfam, while addressing the world's richest grade Twenty20 countries, said that they must fulfill their responsibilities and announce at least $ 160 billion in urgent aid to the poorest countries.

The World Bank called on the world's wealthiest countries to announce financial support for South Asian countries, including Africa, to tackle Corona.

The World Organization says that 40% of the population of the poorest countries is currently suffering from lack of access to clean water, malnutrition and health facilities, and a large number of refugees are facing similar problems.

According to Oxfam, 80% of the students were also affected by the closure of educational institutions due to the Coronavirus and they have been deprived of education for several weeks. 



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