Relationship Creating Indian Aunt in 'Indian Matchmaking' Become Famous

Relationship Creating Indian Aunt in 'Indian Matchmaking' Become Famous

Posted on Jul 22, 2020

Web streaming website Netflix had a few days ago released a series on marriage relationships 'Indian Matchmaking', the first episode of which was aired in India. 'Indian Match Making' is a drama like a reality show, in which an aunt named Sima Taparia is shown having an affair.

'Indian Matchmaking' shows how difficult it is to get married in South Asia and especially in India. The reality show shows how the boys reject dozens of girls in search of a girl but still can't find the ideal girl. 'Indian Matchmaking' also combines colour, size, height, education, physical features and femininity of girls with relationships to show how boys' families demand their future daughter-in-law.

With the release of 'Indian Matchmaking' on Netflix, a new debate has started on the outdated traditions in the society on social media in India. According to Reuters news agency, Indian social media users described the drama as a better reflection of Indian society after the issue of marital relationships was shown in 'Indian Matchmaking'.

Dozens of users said that in Indian society, girls are still humiliated in the name of marital relations and mothers of boys keep looking for the most beautiful girl for their sons. The dialogues of 'Indian Match Making' are also being widely discussed on social media. It is being discussed on social media that mothers want 5 feet 3 inches tall, feminine, fair and educated girls for their sons.

Some scenes of the play are also being shared on social media, one of which shows a relative's aunt being told by a boy's mother that her son had rejected the marriage proposal of 150 girls. In the same way, another dialogue of the play is also being shared in which the aunty who is related says that the relationship between the two families is worth millions of dollars, so the relationship becomes a matter of honour for them.


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