Reduction in casualties from Corona in Iran, Tehran partially opened

Reduction in casualties from Corona in Iran, Tehran partially opened

Posted on Apr 19, 2020

The Iranian government has allowed the country to open a business in Tehran after the death toll from the Coronavirus in the country.

Al Jazeera reports that the daily death toll from the Coronavirus in Iran has dropped and 73 deaths have been reported in the last day.

According to a statement issued by Iran's state TV, low-risk businesses have been allowed to open, including specialized shops, factories, and others.

The public welcomed the announcement of the government, but there are many people who prefer living in homes.

According to the report, public activity has increased in recent weeks and public transport is also underway, but restrictions are being implemented by the majority.

Maneja, who works as a general manager at a Tehran supermarket, said, "I was worried about public transport and had come to work."

She said that I avoided getting in the taxi because it was expensive for me and feared to get infected.

On the other hand, many shopkeepers were complaining about a lack of buyers.

One shopkeeper said, 'If no one can go out, how will he buy clothes and shoes, so I have no benefit in opening my own shop'.

According to the report, the opening of business in Tehran has been announced after Corona virus-related issues are improving.

Iran has reported the lowest number of casualties in a day since March 12, which is 73.

The total number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Iran has reached 5,031 Health Ministry spokesman Kyanosh Jahanpur said.

He said Saturday was the fifth day in a row that the death toll in Iran was less than 100.

Earlier this week, a report from the Iranian parliament said that the death toll from the Coronavirus could be much higher than the statistics released by the Ministry of Health.


Objecting to the Health Ministry's statement, the report added that the number of Coronavirus cases in Iran could also be 8 to 10 times higher.

Ali Raza Zali, head of Iran's Task Force for Coronavirus, said: "Coronavirus is still present in Tehran, and traffic is the cause of its outbreak."

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani defended the government's decision, saying that there was a need for balance in protecting the health of the citizens and keeping the livestock alive.

Remember that the Coronavirus case was reported in Iran in February and at one time became the most affected country after China where hundreds of deaths and thousands of victims were reported daily.

The government shut down the cities following measures taken by China and now it has been decided to remove sanctions from Tehran.

The government said that schools, universities and other businesses would be opened in the third phase and sports activities would also be revived in view of the success of the first two phases.


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