Recent measures will reduce inflation: PM

Recent measures will reduce inflation: PM

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

'Recent measures will reduce inflation'
The Prime Minister said that the country cannot progress till the payment of tax in a proper manner, without standing on its feet, the world cannot earn respect, Pakistan is among the lowest taxing countries, the tax collected as much as the first year. He paid interest on half loans, deposited Rs 4,000 billion in the first year and had to pay interest of Rs 2,000 billion.

He said, "We fought for others for money but suffered great losses, so it is important for an independent and sovereign country to meet its expenses so we can do our utmost to help the business community. We have also decided to terminate the license for 102 types of business today. '

"We have a feeling of inflation in the country, we are now seeing every week how to control inflation, but we do not have control over the prices of what we are importing, but recent measures, Will reduce inflation. he said

Imran Khan said, "Today we have eliminated Rs 400 GIDC on fertilizer sacks which will reduce commodity prices."


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