Raza Rabbani introduced the bill in the Senate to amend the rebellion law

Raza Rabbani introduced the bill in the Senate to amend the rebellion law

Posted on Feb 20, 2020

Islamabad: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Mian Raza Rabbani submitted a private member's bill to the Senate Secretariat, which amended section 124-A of the British colonial-era insurgency law, Pakistan Panel Code 1860 Has been asked to do.

The bill presented by the Peoples Party leader states that Section 124A is part of the colonial structure inherited by Pakistan, which is still in progress.

He said that this part was for the locals to control so that they would not incite rebellion against the masters.

He said that 'this law acted as a cruel occupying force and today it is being used to crush political differences and increase citizenship without subjecting citizens to their questions'.

The bill states that "today the relations between rulers and the law are no longer like a master and slave; respect for the government cannot be regulated; it is born of state respect for individual liberty and the ability to govern."

Observers believe that Section 124-A is unacceptable in a democracy and that it is constitutionally banned from expression.

He says that distrust and criticism of the government in a dynamic democracy are an essential part of strong public debate and should not be construed as a revolt.

The Pakistan Penal Code describes the insurgency as an act that seeks to incite or incite hatred or contempt against the government, a crime for which the accused can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Interestingly, the Indian panel code also contains this clause.

The law-abiding British have abolished this law in their own country.

The Private Membership Bill is a piece of legislation that any member or group of Senate members can present on a matter of importance to themselves.


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