Punjab: Religious minorities voluntarily close synagogues

Punjab: Religious minorities voluntarily close synagogues

Due to the increasing incidence of Coronavirus in Punjab, all bishops, priests, priests, and other religious leaders have announced the closure of their synagogues.

In this regard, Minister for Minority Affairs Ijaz Alam Augustine had issued instructions that all minority churches and other synagogues in the province be closed.

At which all the bishops, priests, priests and other religious leaders decided to voluntarily close the synagogue.

In addition, the Minister for Minority Affairs said that under the current government, all minorities have complete religious freedom.

Ijaz Alam Augustine said that the Government of Punjab was fully aware of its responsibilities and all available resources were being utilized to provide security to the nation.

He added that relying on the government is the collective responsibility of all Pakistanis and although it may be painful to not participate in religious activities, as a nation, it was a wise decision.

He further expressed hope that Pakistan, like China, would soon be able to overcome the crisis but all would have to be patient and trust the government in the fight against the virus.

It is to be noted that partial lockdown has been ongoing in Punjab province for 14 days.

He said that shopping malls, markets, and markets were closed in Punjab for two weeks on March 21 for the protection of the people from coronavirus and security measures, which will be completed at 9 am tomorrow.

It should be noted that the market, shopping malls, private and public institutions, public transport, restaurants, parks, tourist places will remain closed for 14 days in Punjab from March 9 to April 9 at 9 am.


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