Punjab Government dissatisfied with Nawaz Sharif's medical reports

Punjab Government dissatisfied with Nawaz Sharif's medical reports

Posted on Feb 7, 2020

LAHORE: The medical board of the government has termed the "fresh" medical reports of the ailing former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inadequate, in order to give an opinion regarding the extension of his stay abroad.

The 14-member medical board dismissed the medical reports as insufficient to give any feedback to the Ministry of Interior and Health and sought new reports for Nawaz Sharif's platelets.

Talking to reporters, Law Minister Punjab Raja Basharat informed that Nawaz Sharif's (latest) medical reports have been received by the interior ministry and the Punjab government will take a decision in this regard.

He further said that Nawaz Sharif's physician Dr Adnan has many wishes but 'we cannot decide according to his wishes'.

He said that the government was not satisfied with the reports of Nawaz Sharif and he had the option of going to court in this regard.

Earlier, the Punjab government had asked Nawaz Sharif to submit more detailed reports by January 31, in case of failure, the relevant authorities would decide their request based on available records.

It should be remembered that Nawaz Sharif was given 4 weeks' leave to stay abroad for treatment by the court was rejected.

The PML-N called the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government's recent report seeking an attempt to politicize the issue.


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