Punishment for scientist tampering with baby genes before birth

Punishment for scientist tampering with baby genes before birth

Posted on Dec 31, 2019

The Chinese court sent a scientist claiming to be HIV-free in the future, experimenting with the editing of children's genes one year before birth.

In November 2018, Jian Qiu, a scientist and then assistant professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology in the Chinese city of Shenzhen claimed that he had edited their twins before the birth of two twins and that they would be exposed to HIV in the future. Made from the disease.

The feat, where Chinese scientist Jian Koi and a Stanford University colleague working with him called the revolution in the world of medical science, was considered a dangerous step by scientists from around the world, along with 100 other Chinese scientists. The research had raised concerns.

Scientists claiming to be editing genes have released a video and said they have made changes to the twins' DNA born a few weeks ago to protect them from HIV in the future.

The video was told that the Kaspar technique was used for this purpose, the Kaspar technique is used for the editing of human genes, and scientists are expected to help improve human life in the future, and to treat hereditary diseases. It may be possible to stop.

Following the claims of Chinese politicians, where they were subjected to criticism from all over the world, 100 other Chinese politicians themselves called the experiment dangerous and demanded the Chinese government make strict rules.

Interestingly, the Chinese scientist who had been experimenting with it rejected his own experience and said that the experiment did not take place at his university.

Chinese investigators arrested the professor and launched an investigation against him after he was subjected to global criticism by Chinese scientists over his experience of editing children, and was later brought to court where he was found guilty. given.

Reuters, citing the Chinese news agency in its report, said Jian Qiu, a Chinese scientist who claims to have experienced the editing of genes, was sentenced to three years in prison by a court.

According to the report, the court, in its judgment, said that Jian Koi was found guilty of unethical experimentation and illegal drug use.

The court convicted the Chinese scientist of immoral and illegal experiment and sent them for three years while the court also sentenced two others who worked with the scientist.

The other two men convicted by the court were also found guilty of immoral and illegal work in other Madison houses.




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