PTV plans to raise Rs 20 billion from the public

PTV plans to raise Rs 20 billion from the public

Islamabad: For the last 18 months, another burden is being prepared for consumers who have been burdened by more than 40% of the electricity prices and Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) plans to increase the per-license fee.

According to the report, PTV, which does not have any business plan, wants to take an additional Rs 20 billion from the country's electricity consumers in connection with its operations.

The PTV Board of Directors, comprising mostly corporation employees and other government officials, has approved a financial plan under which the television license fee will be increased from Rs 35 per month to Rs 20 billion from electricity users rupees will be received.

Interestingly, the corporation has recruited 3 marketing managers from the private sector on a monthly salary of Rs 3 million, who have created a financial plan to reduce the tenure of employees by 2 years to 58 years. 15 lakh will be saved monthly.

However, this is the only savings that PTV is considering to raise against its fiscal deficit of Rs 20 billion annually or about one crore 70 million.

The surprising thing is that the state-owned broadcasting company has not been able to create its marketing plan in nearly six decades, as compared to several private broadcasting companies coming in a few years ago, and the government also stopped funding PTV.


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