PTV Management Apologizes to Rashid Mahmood for Their Mistake

PTV Management Apologizes to Rashid Mahmood for Their Mistake

Posted on Sep 16, 2020

The management of the state-run TV (PTV) network has apologized to Rashid Mahmood for sending a check for Rs 620. On social networking site Twitter, Rashid Mahmood shared a link to a video of his YouTube channel in which he said that the management of PTV network has apologized to him for giving a check of Rs 620.

In the video, the management of the state TV channel said that an unfortunate incident took place in the last few days after which we apologize to Rashid Mahmood as he is our legend and we respect him very much. He said that our organization is trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible and we have also requested Rashid Mahmood Sahib to accept our apology.

On the other hand, Rashid Mahmood expressed his views and said that the managers and producers present with me are like my children. All these people are close to my heart and my protest is not against them but against the system of this institution. It was against who is running this system.

Expressing his indignation, Rashid Mahmood said, "I am having trouble paying Rs 20,000 to the people running the system of this institution and Rs 2 lakh to the other members of the same team." The senior actor said, "And here I have not one but hundreds of examples. I can name them whenever I want."

He said that the check of Rs. 620 has gone straight to my heart. I am in a lot of pain which I cannot even describe. It seems that my years of hard work have been trampled. "After all this, the management people apologized to me and I accept the apology of all my children, but Rashid Mahmood inside me is not accepting this apology," he said.

Rashid Mahmood further said that now that these children of mine have apologized to me, all my grievances have been cleared and one of the reasons for accepting this apology is Pakistan Television Network because Pakistan is associated with the name of this organization. It has happened and I will leave my interest before anything where Pakistan's name will be.

He said that PTV is my mother institute from which I got recognition and Ladley is my child in all aspects of management. In the end, the actor thanked all his fans and admirers for their love. It may be recalled that the state TV channel had recently given a check of only Rs 620 to Rashid Mahmood for reciting an obituary in Muharram, after which Rashid Mahmood had announced not to work on the state TV channel anymore.

Rashid Mahmood said that the state TV channel had ridiculed my years of service by sending a check of Rs. 620.

Singer Ali Zafar and actor Shamoon Abbasi also expressed their displeasure over the state TV channel giving a check of only Rs 620 to a senior actor for reciting an obituary in Muharram.


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