PTI has increased education budget: Asad Omar

PTI has increased education budget: Asad Omar

Posted on Mar 4, 2020

PTI has increased education budget: Assad Omar

Islamabad: Federal Minister Assad Omar says that it was alleged that we have cut the budget of Higher Education Commission, we have increased the HEC budget from 16 to 28 billion rupees.

According to the details, Federal Minister for Planning Assad Omar addressed a national seminar on Knowledge Economy saying that development must exist within a country, there should be a research centre in our country.

Assad Omar said that to create a knowledge-based society, must be familiar with technology, the first university in the world was built in a Muslim country.

He said there could be a debate on whether to become Diya mir bhasha dam, engineering of Diya mir bhasha dam is being debated and the project should be given to a Pakistani company, Tar Bela Dam has called for foreign consultants on the water supply to the twin cities.

Assad Omar said he did not understand how the water from Tar Bela would come to Islamabad. Drinking water is not available to the people in Islamabad.

He said people say Imran Khan and Assad Omar used to give speeches on education, it has been alleged that we have cut the budget of the Higher Education Commission, the HEC budget was 18.4 billion in 2017-18. This fiscal year, HEC's development budget is more than Rs 28 billion, of which Rs 22 billion has been released in the first 8 months.

The Federal Minister added that in the field of education, the development budget has been increased by PTI, you will have to express satisfaction on your institutions.


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