Proponents of conspiratorial ideology set fire to 5G towers in Europe

Proponents of conspiratorial ideology set fire to 5G towers in Europe

LONDON: Conspiratorial ideologues around the world are spreading the false news that the Five G mobile network tower is the cause of the unusual spread of the coronavirus. Since then, there have been reports from the UK and several European countries that the Fiveji towers have been set on fire and damaged.

In the latest incident, a man in a Dutch city tried to burn a tower with incendiary substances. In the past several weeks, efforts have been made to set up cell phone towers in Europe and the UK.

Since then, surveillance of the Five G towers has begun in all these countries, and matters are being closely monitored. On the other hand, the companies themselves have tried their best to disprove this notion through a campaign. The head of Britain's National Health Service, Stephen Powell, said he was "deeply saddened" by the state of health and the damage being done to infrastructure.

In the UK alone, there have been at least 50 incidents of towers being set on fire and damaged, and more than 80 attacks on staff. In addition, the 16 digit towers of five G in the Netherlands have been set on fire. There have been similar incidents in Ireland, Cyprus, and Belgium.

Some people even say that cancer is spreading from the Five G Tower. In addition, it has now gained the status of a social media campaign in Europe in which it is claimed that the coronavirus is caused by the Five G Tower itself.

Susan Birchman, head of the Center for Electromagnetism Prevention, a UK organization, says pollution is spreading by electromagnetic rays. He says the 5g Tower should be destroyed because it is so harmful.

On the other hand, Martel Simco, head of a scientific organization called Sie Proof in Sweden, has said that there is no evidence of a security system or any disease from 5g and earlier technology and the wail of conspiratorial ideologues is false.



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