Private schools are directed to reduce fees by 20%

Private schools are directed to reduce fees by 20%

LAHORE: Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas has directed all private schools in the province to reduce fees by 20% if the recent closure is declared a summer vacation.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar had formed a two-member team led by Murad Raas, which included the Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat, whose task was to meet private school owners and close the school during the Coronavirus outbreak. Was to discuss fee issues.

On Tuesday, the two ministers met with the owners of the private school which was attended by the secretary of the School Education Department, Shahriar Sultan, District Education Department Pervaiz Akhtar and the owners of the private school chain.

The minister said the government had shut down all schools due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus but later declared its summer vacation.

He said private schools should reduce their April and May fees by 20 percent to ease parental concerns.

He also asked the school owners to assure that no teacher would be fired during the lockdown.

The government was focusing on the issue of private school fees because many schools were urging parents to pay their children's monthly tuition fees despite the school closure as a result of the lockdown so that their practical expenses could be met.

Parents are being warned by several school administrators to pay a fee or their children will receive no educational support in the form of a review package and will not be allowed to attend classes in the future.

Members of the Parent Action Committee (PAC) said schools were not already implementing court orders on fees, and no release cards had been issued to their children because of the non-payment of fees.

One member said, "We are being warned that our children will not be promoted to the next class if we fail to pay the fees."


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