Princess Harry and Meghan Markle Blessed With a Daughter

Princess Harry and Meghan Markle Blessed With a Daughter

Posted on Jun 7, 2021

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who are no longer members of the British royal family, have given birth to a girl. Archie, the couple's first bat, was born on May 6, 2018. Meghan Markle gave birth to daughter Lily Beat 'Lily' Diana Mountbatten Windsor on June 4 in a hospital in the US state of California, according to a statement released by the pair.

The baby's grandmothers are Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Princess Diana of the United Kingdom. "Lily was named after our great-grandmother, whose family name is Nick Semi-Lily Beat, and her middle name was Diana after her dead adored grandma Diana," according to the statement. The couple made a statement in their greeting, saying, on June 4, our daughter Lily came to our house. We appreciate everyone's love and prayers from all across the world. We appreciate your continuing support for our family at this difficult time.

Both the mother and the daughter are currently healthy and at home. In February, a spokeswoman for the royal couple revealed that they were expecting their second child. Later, a unique photograph was revealed. In November 2020, Meghan Markle reported that she had miscarried in a special story in the New York Times. Meghan Markle said in an exclusive interview that she miscarried in July 2020, although she did not clarify how many weeks she was pregnant.

Meghan Markle said that she lost her pregnancy owing to medical issues, and once it was verified that she had lost her pregnancy, there were worries that she would not be able to conceive again anytime soon. The pair married in May 2018, and after renouncing their royal title in March 2020, they departed the royal palace and currently reside in the United States. After abandoning their royal titles, the two will produce podcasts for Spotify and Netflix, as well as film movies for the latter.


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