Prime Minister Should Tell Us, which of his corruption caused inflation, Bilawal Bhutto

Prime Minister Should Tell Us, which of his corruption caused inflation, Bilawal Bhutto

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has termed the government's move as an economic slaughter of the people and said that the highest inflation in the last decade has been in the last one year.

Addressing a meeting of the National Assembly, Bilawal Bhutto said that in the current government, inflation and poverty have increased and every section is worried.

He said inflation was being discussed in the parliament, the vacant seats of the government were evaluating the importance of discussing how much they were giving importance. The Minister of Science and Post is present but not the actual Minister.

He said, "Hopefully, one day this parliament will look at its finance minister and listen to it and ask questions, whether everyone accepts this government or not, it seems that inflation has increased."

Chairman PPP said: "When this government came, there was inflation and unemployment but now it has increased. It is a fact, what the government agency FBR, State Bank, Statistics Bureau is saying".

He said that 'a government agency like the Bureau of Statistics is saying that inflation has not risen so fast in the last decade as it has increased in the last one year, inflation has reached 14.55 per cent.'

He said that food inflation had increased from a mere 6% to 25% and, surprisingly, inflation in the rapidly declining foodstuffs has risen to 78%; pulses prices have risen to 83%. The tomatoes grew by 125 percent, tomatoes by 158 percent and potatoes by 87 percent, and these figures are not from me but the government.

"The important thing is that general inflation has had an impact on the residents of the villages. The general proportion of inflation is 14% while for the suburbs it is 16%. Despite this, gas is 55%, fuel 76%, electricity." Prices have been increased by 14% '.

Chairman PPP said that we have to go to the people in our constituencies and they ask us, the public representatives cannot be silent on this economic killing, only those who are not public representatives but in some other way. They can say that there is no inflation and the public has no problem.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said, "We all remember that when Imran Khan used to say that when the Prime Minister is corrupt, inflation rises. When your government is disqualified, incompetent, selected and there are no representatives of the people than the people. There is no pain, they bow to the IMF and bargain for the economic rights of their poorer peoples.

Chairman PPP said, "The Prime Minister must tell which of his corruption has led to inflation or let us believe that he is incompetent, incompetent and selected, whoever has to go home and the people have to give relief. '


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