Pope Francis apologized for shaking a woman's hand

Pope Francis apologized for shaking a woman's hand

Posted on Jan 2, 2020

Vatican City: Pope Francis apologized for shaking a woman's hand during a ceremony yesterday.

On the eve of the New Year, Pope Francis greeted visitors and devotees at St. Peters Square in the holy city of Vatican City, and a woman held his hand firmly, and I tried to draw myself to him.

The woman's movement was extremely offensive to Pope Francis, and he received a slap on his hand to release his hand from the grip of the woman and also expressed pity.

A video of the woman's handshaking by the pope went viral on the social networking site, after which she apologized in private.

He said that 'many times the patience of our patients disappears.'

The head of the Catholic Church said, "This also happens to me. I apologize for setting a wrong example last day."

Twitter users commented on the Pope's reaction to the woman's movement.

Pope Francis had even handcuffed the children before the incident and was about to return that the woman grabbed his hand and pulled them towards her.

The 83-year-old Pope slapped his hand twice and tried to save himself, after which security guards intervened.

Later, Pope Francis continued his journey, keeping a distance from the audience, and when he met with the other children, he was again satisfied.

Twitter's response showed support for the process.

One user said 'I am not Catholic, but the woman's move was wrong, it seems that the Pope may have had pain at the time'.

Another user said that 'the woman did the wrong thing, but the pope's reaction was not the same as the pope's


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