Poor countries that are still protected from Corona

Poor countries that are still protected from Corona

The World Health Organization (WHO) on April 2 expressed concern over the increasing number of Corona virus patients to over one million worldwide, calling on countries to increase their exposure to the epidemic. 

By the morning of April 3, 181 countries, states and islands were affected by the Corona virus, and the number of victims worldwide increased to more than 1 million 16 thousand, while the casualties also increased to 53 thousand. 

While the Corona virus is most affected by the richest developing countries such as the US, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Italy and Spain, some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable countries were protected by the morning of April 3. ۔

Such countries included the Middle East, Yemen, the African nation of South Sudan, Lesotho, Comoros and Sao Tome and Principe.

In addition, the North Korean government also claimed on April 2 that there was no Corona case in their country.

Although it is unclear why there was no reported case of Corona in the aforementioned poorer and diseased countries, it is believed that Corona tests will not be conducted there.

According to an online map of Corona virus data, on April 3 morning, African country Malawi also confirmed the first three cases, while Central African country Seri Leone also confirmed the first case on April 2 morning.

According to African News, until April 2, no Corona case was reported in at least 5 poorer countries in the continent, including Malawi, but on April 3, the government confirmed three cases.

Similarly, the Central African country confirmed the case on April 2, but countries such as South Sudan, Lesotho, Comoros and Sao Tome and Principe are still protected from the Corona virus.

There was no reported case of Corona until the morning of April 3 in the above mentioned African countries, when the number of Corona patients across Africa had increased to close to 70,000 and more than 50 countries were affected by the outbreak. ۔

Like the aforementioned poor and ill-affected African countries, civil war, famine and other illnesses were not reported in Yemen until April 3, when the Corona cases were reported a month and a half ago in neighboring countries Saudi Arabia and Oman.

The North Korean country, like Yemen, has not confirmed any of Corona's case, and the government there April 2 claimed that their country was still protected from the outbreak, but the international community had serious concerns over North Korea's claim. 

Asian countries Mongolia, Timor and Laos also had cases from other countries in the region less than 2 months later

Laos, Timor, Mongolia and Myanmar confirmed their first cases in mid-March last month, when cases began to appear in neighboring countries in mid-February, but those countries still have Corona cases. The number of patients is extremely low.

By April 3, the number of corona patients in Mongolia had reached 14, when the first patient was confirmed in mid-March and no one was killed there yet.

Similarly, the number of patients in Myanmar had reached 20 by 3 April, and the first case was confirmed there in mid-March, 10 in Laos, while the same case has yet to appear in Timor, and the aforementioned case is March.


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