Police have Registered Cases Against Student Solidarity March

Police have Registered Cases Against Student Solidarity March

LAHORE: Police have registered cases against the organizers and participants of the recently held Student Solidarity March and arrested a man named Universal Minister.

 According to the report, civil line police in the state's petition filed the march organizers Ammar Ali Jan, Farooq Tariq, (Mashal Khan's father) Iqbal Lala, (nephew of Pashtun security movement leader and MNA Ali Wazir) universal minister, Mohammad Shabbir. And filed a lawsuit against 250 to 300 unidentified participants.

It may be recalled that Mashal Khan was assassinated at Mardan for allegedly blasphemy at Abdul Wali Khan University.

Surprisingly, the move is contrary to recent statements by ministers and government representatives supporting students.

It should be noted that in 50 cities across the country, students took to the streets to meet their demands and there was also a reorganization of a student union.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), the complainant, Sub-Inspector Mohammad Nawaz, said that he was on patrol when he received information that a rally of 250 to 300 people - Amir Ali Jan, Farooq Tariq, Iqbal Lala, Alamgir Under the leadership of the minister, Mohammad Shabbir, and Kamil Khan, the rally has reached Faisal Chowk at the mall, where the protesters have forcibly blocked the road so that they can stage a speech.

He claimed that the speakers were inciting the students against the state and its institutions and speeches and slogans were recorded on mobile phones while they could also be seen through PPIC3 cameras.

In this regard, Capital City Police Officer Zulfiqar Hameed told that a suspect was arrested in this case two days ago.

He said the case was filed by the state as students were making provocative speeches and chanting slogans against the state and its institutions.

Continuing the conversation, he said that the police would arrest other people involved in the case.

It should be noted that former Punjab University student, who became chairman of the Universalist Minister Pukhtoon Council, had disappeared from campus two days ago, completed his BS Gender studies last year and was there to pursue his degree, He was staying at hostel No. 19 with his cousin, Muhammad Riaz.

In addition, Pukhtoon Council students protested outside the Punjab University Vice Chancellor's house against the arrest of the universal minister.

The protesters condemned his arrest and demanded his immediate release. Not only this, but social media was also filled with news of his disappearance and demanded his recovery.

Ammar Ali Jan, meanwhile, tweeted a tweet in which he quoted the FIR saying, "We were nominated to the FIR, we met the governor who assured us of support, while the ministers also. Tweet in support of us'.

He wrote that the protesters gathered and dispersed peacefully. Is there any government in our country? Can we trust anyone's words? We are peaceful citizens and we will remain so. '

Talking to Dawn about this, he said that thousands of students across the country were protesting for the restoration of their rights and students' union, but a lawsuit was registered against them.

He said the government was using the Colonial-era law to punish them, as the British used locals to chant slogans against their king.



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