Poland announces elections in May despite Corona virus

Poland announces elections in May despite Corona virus

Posted on Apr 3, 2020

This year, all activities and elections have been postponed indefinitely in view of the risks posed to the public health due to the corona virus worldwide.

However, despite the increasing risks of the virus globally, the Polish government announced May 10 the scheduled elections.

"If people can go to the shop in the current situation, they can also go to the polling stations," said Andrzej Duda, the president of Poland and the strongest candidate for the election.

According to a poll, 77% of Polish people supported the postponement of elections in the current situation, where experts believe that holding a clean and transparent election is impossible in the current situation.

In Poland, a petition on social media to postpone elections is also gaining immense popularity.

Sylvia, a social worker and lawyer on social media in Poland, said that when people have to choose between health and voting, it can be difficult to talk about transparent and free elections.

Currently 20% of Poland's elections are due in May, and two days ago, the country's ruling party, the Law and Justice Party, requested the introduction of a universal postal voting legislation.

But under Polish law, any amendments to the electoral rules can be made at least six months before the election, and the ruling party's move is termed a serious violation of the rules.

If this legislation goes into effect, two million Polish citizens from other countries will be able to vote in the early part of the elections due to global flight restrictions and border closures.

The public has risked the spread of the Corona virus if elections are held, and many have said they may not risk voting in the current situation.

"I might go out to vote, but my family won't be able to go because my father is a doctor, and in the current situation, he needs more in the hospital," said Murguzata Kanika, a Polish citizen living in France.

However, he also cited the example of the spread of the virus, saying that there were regional elections in France a few weeks ago and that the number of virus victims in France has doubled since then, I do not want that to happen in Poland.

In the present case, all the election members have launched an online campaign, but last Sunday, the country's main opposition leader, Mlgurazata Kadava Blaunska, canceled his campaign and demanded the public to boycott the vote.

On the contrary, the President of the country, Doda, has been campaigning with Zoroshur and recently in a speech on television, demanded the people to participate and vote in the elections.


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