PM Inaugurates Clean and Green Pakistan Program

PM Inaugurates Clean and Green Pakistan Program

Posted on Nov 26, 2019

Islamabad: PM inaugurates clean and green Pakistan program He said that New Pakistan will come to earth first, later on in the land, bringing the best local system of national history.

 Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the Clean and Green Pakistan Index, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that 35 years ago Lahore was a clean city, lung diseases are on the rise, pollution is a silent killer, we thought Delhi was the most polluted city, Lahore. No one thought about it, due to pollution it is difficult to breathe in Lahore, Lahore has become the second or third most polluted city in the world.

Imran Khan says 70 percent of the trees have been cut from Lahore in the last 10 years, pollution has reached extreme levels in Lahore. He said that we have to correct our Qiblah, we are bringing the best local system, Sindh can not grow without this system, new Pakistan will be formed, new Pakistan will come to mind first, then the most Loss is from greed, happiness is paying people taxes, money is coming to the government.

Earlier, Advisor Environment Amin Aslam said the clean and green campaign in Islamabad is going on successfully, environmental pollution can be overcome with electric vehicles, thousands of gallons of water are wasted in the sea, steps have been taken to prevent water loss. Going, work is underway on various indicators in 19 cities. Hazardous health water will be reused.


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