PM calls for action from global community on riots against Muslims in India

PM calls for action from global community on riots against Muslims in India

Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the international community to take immediate action on the ongoing religious riots in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

In his message on the social relations website Twitter, the Prime Minister said, "As I predicted in the UN General Assembly last year that once the bottle comes out, the bleeding will be severe."

The Prime Minister said that occupied Kashmir was the beginning, now there are 20 million Muslims in India.

The Prime Minister further said, "We are seeing in India today that the Nazi-influenced Rashtriya Sivak Singh (RSS) has taken over a billion-plus nuclear state."

"Whenever a group of hate-based racist ideologies prevails, the gates of murder and bloodshed open," he continued.

Non-Muslims will be strictly dealt with by the victims, the Prime Minister
The Prime Minister also warned in his message regarding non-Muslims present in Pakistan.

In his message, he said, "I warn the people that if anyone targets non-Muslim citizens or their places of worship in Pakistan, this will be strictly dealt with".

The Prime Minister further said, "Our minority communities are equal citizens of this country".

Delhi riots

It is thought that 20 people were killed and more than 200 injured as a result of religious riots during a protest against controversial citizenship law in India.

The protests against the controversial citizenship law led to clashes between Muslims and Hindus on Monday and Tuesday in which rocks, swords and even guns were used.

During the Saddat, mobs torched several vehicles, buildings and a tired market, causing widespread devastation in the affected areas while routine life was suspended.

The riots in the Indian capital came at a time when US President Donald Trump was visiting India.

In view of the tense situation, orders have been issued for curfew enforcement and miscreants in the northeastern parts of Delhi, Mojpur, Jafferabad, Chand Bagh and Karwalnagar.


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