Plasma donation of a healthy patient from Corona in Pakistan

Plasma donation of a healthy patient from Corona in Pakistan

Posted on Apr 3, 2020

Coronavirus patient arrives in Karachi February 26 after recovering donated their plasma for treatment through the immunization of people suffering from this condition.

 Addressing the press conference, Yahya Jafri, who was recovering from the Coronavirus, said his parents and renowned hematologist Dr Saqib Ansari had sought permission from the government to use this plasma for treating patients.

"We do not need funds, machinery or manpower because our own hospital is ready to offer our services for free," said Dr Saqib Ansari.

He said that the acquisition of plasma and its operation cost Rs 20,000 each and the hospital is ready to bear the cost for the welfare of humanity, currently our team is dealing with corona virus. Works on three fronts, including controlling outbreaks, treating patients and controlling panic in the community.

He praised young Yahya Jaffrey and called him the "hero of the nation" and praised his parents for their courage and determination against pandemic diseases.

In the past, plasma from patients infected with the virus was used in many parts of the developed world.

"Based on recent research in collaboration with the world's leading research institutes in Beijing, plasma infusion has yielded the best results among coronas virus patients," he said.

He said, "This method is being used to treat serious illnesses worldwide and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the World Health Organization and other well-known organizations. 

He said his children's hospital and Houston Methodist Hospital in the United States are already cooperating with each other in this regard.

He said that Dr. Fazal Mahmood of the hospital in the US is in contact with Dr. Saqib Ansari and both are closely monitoring the progress of the virus-related world.

"In the near future, the virus will take on history and what will be remembered is our commitment," recovered Yahya Jaffrey.

"I advise people not to be scared, look at me, I suffered from this pandemic illness and recovered with the support of health workers, family and community," he said.

Yahya Jaffrey said, "These three areas play a key role in combating this epidemic, please do not treat patients as bad or as guilty, they are among us and there are people like us, in their society." Need to support and encourage people '.


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