Plane crash: The captain of the plane did not follow the instructions

Plane crash: The captain of the plane did not follow the instructions

Air traffic controller, report released, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has released a report on the violations of the captain of the ill-fated plane that crashed in Karachi.

Air traffic and approach controllers have revealed that the captain of the crashed plane repeatedly ignored our instructions, which led to the crash. According to Express-News, further progress has been made in the investigation into the PIA plane crash. The answer was sought.

The air traffic and approach controllers submitted a written reply stating that the captain of the plane had disobeyed the instructions which led to the accident. Before landing at Karachi airport, the altitude of the plane should have been 1800 feet but the captain Was flying at an altitude of 3000 feet. Despite repeated instructions, the captain said that he would control the altitude and speed before landing, but this did not happen.

The reply stated that the captain forgot to open the landing gear while controlling the altitude and speed at the time of landing. The captain of the plane does not open the landing gear for first time of landing at Karachi airport. The two engines collided on the runway and collided with the runway three times, causing sparks and the captain took off again.

The captain of the plane said at the time of re-landing that the engines of the plane had stopped working but the captain did not mention the emergency landing and said that he was calm.


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