PIA has decided to temporarily suspend its flights to Italy after Qatar due to the Coronavirus

PIA has decided to temporarily suspend its flights to Italy after Qatar due to the Coronavirus

Posted on Mar 11, 2020

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to temporarily suspend its flights to Italy after Qatar due to the Coronavirus.

According to the report, PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez said in a statement that the national airline temporarily suspended its flight operations to and from Milan by March 31.

However, the spokesperson said that passengers who are citizens of any European country can travel to Paris via PIA flights.

He said that after arriving in Paris, travellers would have to arrange their own destinations, as well as say that the passengers who had booked their seats for Pakistan from Milan would be given a PIA flight for themselves.

The spokeswoman said that passengers wishing to travel to Paris would have to swear that they would not ask the PIA for any convenience.

After that, a boarding card will be issued to travellers who want to travel from Pakistan to Paris.

However, it has also been made clear that travellers who do not have citizenship of a European country or have a residence permit or tourist visa or any other travel document will not be able to travel to Milan.

In addition, those who do not wish to travel to Paris will be able to get a ticket refund at no charge.

The spokesman said PIA offices were providing convenience to their customers, while the airline apologized for the difficulties caused by the suspension of flights.

It should be noted that PIA has already cancelled flights to Iran and Qatar due to the threat of the Coronavirus outbreak.

It should be remembered that the nasal coronavirus, which originated from China, has spread to most countries of the world and the number of people affected by it is increasing day by day.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

The first case of the Coronavirus in Pakistan came to light on February 26, 2020, in Karachi.
On February 26, Assistant Special Health Officer Dr Zafar Mirza confirmed a total of 2 cases in the country.
On February 29, Dr Zafar Mirza confirmed two more cases in the country, bringing the number to four.
On March 3, the auxiliary special confirmed the fifth case of Corona.
On March 6, another case of Coronavirus was reported in Karachi, bringing the number to six.
On March 8, another Coronavirus case was reported in Karachi.
On March 9, 9 cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in a single day in the country.
On March 10, three cases of Coronavirus were reported in the country, two of which were from Sindh and one from Balochistan, after which the total number of cases was 19.


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