Photos of Atif Aslam With Female Fans Go Viral

Photos of Atif Aslam With Female Fans Go Viral

Singer Atif Aslam is currently on tour in USA and Canada where he has been seen performing in music concerts in different cities. They also recently performed at a concert in Toronto, during which they carried a banner stating that the Pakistani couple had postponed their wedding to attend their concert.

And now photos and videos of her meeting with female fans in Canada are going viral, in which she can be seen hugging the fans. Pakistani-Canadian women who shared the photos on Twitter claimed that Atif Aslam spent 45 minutes with a group of his friends. According to the women, their group of friends invited Atif Aslam to dinner, during which the friends also told the singer things about each other that they should not have told.

The women shared photos and videos with Atif Aslam and said that the singer not only spent 30 to 45 minutes with them but also admired their dress and beauty and they mingled with him. According to both the women, Atif Aslam is a very loving person who not only comforted them when they cried but also hugged them for their happiness, talked to them frankly, and had a good time.

Photos and short videos shared by Pakistani-Canadian women with Atif Aslam went viral on social media, with others praising the singer and calling her the best Pakistani showbiz personality. Many also congratulated Canadian-born women on their successful meeting with Atif Aslam and the success of hugging him.


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