Petrol is in plenty, don't be intimidated by rumors, PSO

Petrol is in plenty, don't be intimidated by rumors, PSO

Posted on Feb 20, 2020

In view of rumours regarding petrol shortage in Karachi, the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) emphasized that petrol is present in 'sufficient quantities' so citizens need not fear.

As rumours of petrol shortages circulated on Wednesday evening, there was an uproar among the citizens seeking petrol at petrol pumps.

In this regard, PSO spokesman Imran Rana told that "we have petrol stocks available and there is absolutely no problem with the supply of petrol."

"We will not allow Karachi to dry, every consumer will get petrol," he added.

It may be recalled that the PSO had decided to temporarily shut down its oil terminal in Kemari to protect its staff from toxic gas.

More than a dozen people have died as a result of poisonous gas in the camaraderie and many are undergoing treatment at the hospital.

As soon as the news of the terminal is closed, long rows of cars and motorcycles were hit on petrol pumps.

The owner of a car parked at a petrol station near the Arts Council told that he was buying petrol for the next two days.

Also, Shabir Suleman of the All Pakistan CNG / Petroleum Dealers Association said petrol supply has been affected but there is no shortage of fuel in the city.

He said that some misleading information on news channels and social media caused people to panic.

The PSO spokesman said that the Zulfiqarabad oil terminal, the largest oil reservoir in the country, will remain active for 24 hours following the closure of the Kamadi oil terminal.

The PSO has 23 oil terminals across the country, of which only one (cadre) was inactive, he said.

"The uninterrupted supply of petroleum products is being ensured in all parts of the country, including Karachi," the statement said.

According to PSO, the burden of consumers increased due to the shut down of petrol pumps of other oil marketing companies in Karachi.

According to him, PSO is supplying more petrol than market share in view of the current situation


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