Petition filed in Supreme Court to stop export of food items

Petition filed in Supreme Court to stop export of food items

Posted on Mar 25, 2020

Appeal to Supreme Court to halt the export of vegetable and other food items in view of growing cases of coronavirus

The petition filed in the Supreme Court under Article 184 (3) by Advocate Zulfiqar Bhatta, in which he appealed to the court that many countries of the world have closed the external link by locking down the Coronavirus and sending their citizens home. 

The request states that due to the ongoing lockdown in Pakistan and the export of vegetables and livestock deodorant, their availability is becoming difficult and expensive.

Advocate Zulfiqar Bhuta said there was no cure for the coronavirus that would improve people's immune system and the best foods for treatment are vegetables and fruits at the moment.

He said that due to the export of a large number of vegetables and fruits, canoes are being sold for Rs 250 to Rs 300 a dozen while it is impossible for the poor to buy such expensive fruits.

The petition filed in the Supreme Court states that 'vitamin C' is found in canoes, which are useful for the coronavirus immune system, so the court should order a ban on the export of cannabis and vegetables.

Appealing to the court, the petitioner said that a directive should be issued to ensure an adequate supply of vegetables and fruits.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a relief package for various departments to tackle the disruption and impact of economic activities due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus in the country.

Talking to senior journalists, the Prime Minister said that the biggest threat we face today is not from Corona but from fear of Corona making wrong decisions because every decision we make will have an impact and we should be able to influence our country. Given the circumstances, it will have to be decided that the decisions we make will have no impact whatsoever in society.

"I want my poor to think about where they would burn their home stoves in those situations. If our economic conditions were like Italy and China, curfew would have been easier," he said.

Referring to the relief package, the Prime Minister said that the price of petroleum products has been reduced by Rs 15, electricity and gas bills can be paid in installments, Rs 50 billion has been dedicated to medical equipment.

He said that the tax on food items has also been reduced in the country.

The Prime Minister said that 200 billion rupees have been earmarked for the laborers and Rs 100 billion tax refund will be provided to the export sector on an immediate basis.

He said that even Rs 100 billion has been earmarked for small industry and agriculture sector and loans will be provided for them at low interest.

He said that Rs 150 billion is being allocated for the poorest sections of the society under which Rs 4,000 will be provided to every poor family monthly.

It is to be noted that the number of people infected with Coronavirus in Pakistan is increasing day by day and that number has reached 916.

Coronavirus was the first to be killed in Punjab, followed by 7 deaths in the country while 16 more cases were reported in Punjab, 13 more cases in Sindh and 9 more cases in Gilgit-Baltistan.


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