People's Party criticizes government's response on Trump's offer to mediate Kashmir

People's Party criticizes government's response on Trump's offer to mediate Kashmir

Posted on Feb 27, 2020

Islamabad: Pakistan Peoples Party has criticized Islamabad's response to Donald Trump's offer to play a mediator on the Kashmir issue, saying that the enthusiasm expressed by the government is wrong because It is a fact that Washington will favour India.

Former Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani said, "If Donald Trump plays a mediocre role on Kashmir, there is no doubt that he will favour India, indicating the manner of his press conferences in India." Washington wants to play the role of police in Delhi region.

He pointed out that during Trump's visit, he did not release any statement regarding lockdown and killings in occupied Kashmir.

"Those who want to see Trump as a mediator are forgetting the fact that they have recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital," he said, acknowledging Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights as legal was declared '.

He said that in the recent US project to resolve the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, the Palestinian people were deprived of their historical and international rights and clearly favoured Israel, is the government of this kind Arbitration wants for Kashmir too? '

It should be noted that the Foreign Minister said in his statement on Tuesday that the US President raised the Kashmir issue with the Indian Prime Minister following the assurance given by Prime Minister Imran Khan last year.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had stated in his statement that "in view of the critical situation in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the global reaction to it, the latest offer of mediation is a negation of India's statement."

He said the Indian media had tried to use President Trump's press conference for his own purposes, but he praised Pakistan's role in the fight against terrorism and declared Imran Khan as his friend.


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