People can use paracetamol for fever and colds, according to WHO

People can use paracetamol for fever and colds, according to WHO

Posted on Mar 20, 2020

According to World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Pakistan, Dr. Palitha Mahapala, says Korna is looking for a cure for the virus, people can use paracetamol for fever and cold.

While giving a media briefing in Islamabad, Dr. Palitha Mahapala said that the corona virus is a spreading disease, which is a new virus, the virus originated in China and spread to other countries to which the WHO declared an emergency.

He said that there is concern in this regard globally, the World Health Organization is active in this regard and data is being collected globally.

The victims are increasing, with older people more, he said.

Dr Plata Mahipala said that the coronavirus spreads to animals, at present, all viruses belong to the same family coronavirus.

He said the Coronavirus is now a global epidemic, which has affected more than two million people and killed more than 10,000.

He said that "there are 1346 suspected cases in Pakistan while 208 hospitals are working to deal with the Corona virus, of which 1,715 beds are in place".

He said the WHO is supporting in planning, coordination, points of entry, case management and quarantines.


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