People Are Happy That the Court Has Allowed Meesha Shafi's Application for Hearing

People Are Happy That the Court Has Allowed Meesha Shafi's Application for Hearing

The Supreme Court on January 11 granted a hearing on Meesha Shafi's sexual harassment petition and merged it into a self-notice case of sexual harassment. Many people on social media congratulated the singer on the court's decision to declare Meesha Shafi's plea admissible and to include her in the suo motu notice case.

Meesha Shafi had filed a petition in the Supreme Court in December 2019 alleging that his sexual harassment petition was rejected on technical grounds by the Punjab Ombudsman, Governor Punjab, and Lahore High Court. The petition said that the three higher bodies had rejected the singer's application as it did not fall under the category of Workplace Act 2010.

When the singer's application was heard on January 11, 2021, Meesha Shafi's lawyers argued to the court that the person making the sexual harassment complaint was not necessarily an employee of the accused and that the law of the Workplace Act 2010 also applies to educational institutions. Following the arguments of Meesha Shafi's lawyers, the court remarked that the objections raised by the singer's lawyers were worthy of consideration and the court sought a written reply from Ali Zafar's lawyers.

After the court merged Meesha Shafi's petition into the already pending sexual harassment suo motu notice case, many people on social media called it Meesha Shafi's success and people joined him in congratulating him.

He also expressed sympathy. Most of the women expressed sympathy with the singer, calling the Supreme Court's decision to merge Meesha Shafi's petition into a self-notice case a success. Meesha Shafi's lawyer Nighat Dad was the first to tweet that the Supreme Court had granted the request of Meesha Shafi's lawyers and allowed the hearing of the singer's case.

Nighat Dad wrote that the purpose of hearing the case by the Supreme Court is that the court will hear the case according to the legal questions of Meesha Shafi's lawyers. He also congratulated Meesha Shafi and his team members. Noor Ijaz Chaudhry, a member of Meesha Shafi's legal team, also shared a photo taken outside the Supreme Court and tweeted that the Supreme Court had granted the singer's request for a hearing against the Punjab government's decision.

He wrote that the case would also look into the cases of all women and students who have been harassed. Immediately after being tweeted by Nighat Dad and Noor Ijaz Chaudhry, many men, including women, also tweeted on the issue of Meesha Shafi's case being approved for hearing in the Supreme Court and most people liked it.

Declared a success. Classical dancer and women's rights leader Sheema Kirmani in a series of tweets expressed sympathy with Meesha Shafi and wrote that the decision of the Supreme Court is a victory for women and at the same time she wrote that the hateful attitude towards women in the society now Also continues

Galali Ismail also congratulated Meesha Shafi and Nighat Dad in a short tweet. Ayesha Siddique Khan also tweeted that the Supreme Court had allowed the petition filed by Meesha Shafi for a hearing and the sexual harassment laws would be reviewed during the hearing. Apart from individuals, organizations and institutions also tweeted about the inclusion of Meesha Shafi's application in the suo motu notice case and they also congratulated Meesha Shafi.

In the tweets from most individuals and organizations, the Supreme Court's incorporation of the singer's petition into the suo motu notice case was hailed by many as a success for the singer, and people hailed Meesha Shafi, including Me Too and sexual harassment. Also used hashtags like Justice for. Meesha Shafi also thanked all the individuals and organizations for expressing sympathy and congratulations on the decision of the Supreme Court.


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