Posted on Sep 2, 2019

Shocking news for the viewers today as everyone’s favorite pop drink ‘Coca Cola’ launched its TVC recently which was later banned by PEMRA for the purpose of extremism oriented content.

Pemra didn’t take long to charge an instant and bold action against the new commercial which was against the national publicity morals from Coca Cola and banned it just a day after it aired on the television. The people in power later informed all TV Channels, FM stations, and others, licensees, to stop airing the extremist commercial.

As the commercial took charge on all the national TVs a lot of people were offended by its content and were quick to react against it, filing a complaint to the main power PEMRA which did not let them down and instantly took action against it and charged a ban on the TVC completely.

The TVC was aired on satellite TV channels, FM Radios and Distribution Service licensees are airing a TVC of Coca Cola, the content of the commercial is not only offensive but also ignorant. PEMRA along with the people who found the content inappropriate feel that Coca Cola is an international brand should know what type of jokes are to be made on national TV and what is considered to be inappropriate, after watching the commercial we feel It’s the start of the ad that is an issue which may be regarded as a ‘bad timing’ joke or plain offense.

People of Pakistan of multiple beliefs and thinking are criticizing the theme of the advertisement which they are right to believe is promoting a negative perception against the country and worldwide.

PEMRA was open and did share their views, which through Pakistan Advertising Association and the Coca Cola team was told to edit the TVC immediately by excluding the problematic content.

As a result, the ad was banned and the concerned party was told until the content is edited removing the controversial parts the TVC will remain banned.


Mian Tajamul

Blog Author

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