Palestinians protest against Trump's Middle East plan

Palestinians protest against Trump's Middle East plan

Jerusalem: Palestinian incumbents are protesting against US President Donald Trump's controversial peace plan because the aforementioned plan has given Israel permission to annex key areas of the occupied West Bank.

According to a report by the US news agency Associated Press, protests and some unrestrained clashes have raised anger over the proposed plan, which favours Israeli goals rather than keeping Palestinian aspirations.

It should be noted that Donald Trump was in the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nitin Yahoo on Tuesday, announcing the plan while there was no Palestinian representative, according to the US president, and his plan is to achieve something else Failed to retrieve.

However, the project does give Israel much of what it has sought in decades of international diplomacy, with Jerusalem as a "divided" capital rather than shared with the Palestinians.

In the project, the United States also approved Israeli merger of Jordan with strategic importance, which covers 30 percent of the West Bank, and also allowed affiliation with other ghetto settlements.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the plan and called the agreement a "waste of history".

Hamas, the Islamic movement that ruled the Gaza Strip, said it would accept nothing less than making Jerusalem the capital of a future Palestinian state.

In this regard, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, "I know that the Israelis would agree to sit down and negotiate on the basis of the ideology the president has presented."

In the West Bank city of Bethlehem, protesters threw stones at Israeli border guards in response to the shelling of tear gas.

According to the Palestinian Wazir Health, three Israeli gunmen injured in Israeli firing near Ramallah were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Protesters burned tires in Khan Yunus, southern Gaza, while others waved banners, rejecting Trump's proposed plan and vowing to 'unite against the Dale of the Century'.

On the other hand, some residents in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv expressed concern that Donald Trump did not pay attention to what the Palestinians actually wanted.

In this regard, Ari, a resident of Tel Aviv, said that "it seems to exaggerate Israel's ambitions while Palestinian demands have been aggressively ignored."



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