Palestinians are no longer bound by Oslo deal after proposed US plan: Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinians are no longer bound by Oslo deal after proposed US plan: Mahmoud Abbas

Iranian media have claimed that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent a message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to withdraw from security cooperation under the Oslo Accords.

According to a press TV report, Mahmoud Abbas has warned the Israeli prime minister that Palestine is now free from implementing the Oslo Accords.

"America's peace plan for the Middle East is against the Oslo Accords," he said.

The report quoted Israeli Channel 12 TV as saying that a delegation of Palestinian Authority, led by Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussain al-Shaykh, met with Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and a letter written by Mahmoud Abbas in Arabic. Handed them over.

According to the report, Mahmoud Abbas in his post emphasized that US President Donald Trump's Israel. The proposed resolution to the Palestinian conflict is actually a disadvantage of the Oslo Accords of 1993.

He said that the US plan was to divide the West Bank and give it control over Israel, Palestine and the United States.

According to the report, the Palestinian Authority now considers itself free from agreements with Israel, including security cooperation.

According to the report, before the Palestinian president left for Cairo to attend the Arab League emergency meeting, Israel informed Trump of his position on the so-called 'century deal'.

In addition, Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Shaykh told the Israeli minister that Mahmoud Abbas did not receive Trump's call after the US presented a peace plan, nor did he accept the letter sent to the US president.

The Israeli minister told the Palestinian minister that he would present the post to Israeli Prime Minister after his visit to Russia.

US President Donald Trump announced a Middle East peace plan, saying Jerusalem (Jerusalem) would remain Israel's "undisclosed capital," while Palestinians would receive capital in East Jerusalem and the West Bank in half. It will not be divided.

The US-sponsored peace plan acknowledged Israeli settlement in the West Bank, as well as a 4-year ban on new settlements in the West Bank.

During a press conference in Washington along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump said that "Palestinian-controlled territory would be doubled."

In the project, the US also approved Israeli merger of Jordan with strategic importance, which covers 30 percent of the West Bank, while also allowing affiliation with other ghettos.


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