Pakistan's journey from terrorism to tourism is unusual, Antonio Guterres

Pakistan's journey from terrorism to tourism is unusual, Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the improving situation in Pakistan as "unusual", saying Islamabad, which seemed like a "fortress" a few years ago, is today being used by UN staff for family. Station has been declared.

Addressing a seminar at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, Antonio Guterres said in response to a question about 'Pakistan's journey from terrorism to tourism', "We are seeing that state security and basic The facility is working and the progress is phenomenal. '

Referring to the Afghan refugees in Pakistan, he said, "I saw how Pakistan not only opened its borders where the world closed its borders, but the Pakistani people showed their generosity and their hearts.

"At the same time, I demonstrated Pakistan's commitment to peace, especially in Afghanistan," he said.

Earlier, addressing a seminar on 'Pakistan's role in UN peacekeeping missions' in NUST, Antonio Guterres said, "I am proud that I am a young fellow of peace missions, an officer working in peace missions and The young men are doing the most important work. '

He said that Pakistani officers are acting as first commanders in peace missions; more than 500,000 Pakistanis worked for peace missions and 157 Pakistanis volunteered their lives while serving in peace missions.

The Secretary-General appreciated the commitment of the Pakistani forces, police and civilian peace missions, saying that since 1948, more than 70 peace missions have been worked.

He said that UN peacekeepers are facing new challenges and that measures are needed to resolve conflicts.

The UN Secretary-General has made progress in terms of peace and security, while accidents have decreased in peace missions, Antonio Guterres said, calling the Pakistani government vision for peace and security.

She also termed the participation of Pakistani women for the first time in peace missions very prosperous and said that women officers in dangerous areas are playing a vital role in the public's trust. The identity of peace missions has been very positive today and Pakistan peace. The best example is in terms of missions.

He said that new technology and social media have changed the way of war, new challenges are important for all peace partners.

He praised NUST's services in the fields of science and technology and education, saying that NUST students are working for sustainable development along with education.


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