Pakistani students in UK dismiss demand for 'corona test report'

Pakistani students in UK dismiss demand for 'corona test report'

London: Pakistani students in the UK expressed disappointment over the government's decision to make the Coronavirus medical test certificate mandatory for all travelers in Pakistan from March 21 (Saturday).

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said in a March 17 statement that all international travelers entering Pakistan must provide a copy of the Coronavirus test results 24 hours before boarding.

According to the notification, the application will begin on March 21 and all foreign passengers will be obliged to provide a copy of the medical test before boarding.

In addition, the notification states that the passenger name and passport number must be present in the Corona virus-linked medical test and must submit an original test report at the time of admission to Pakistan.

The British High Commission said in a statement on Twitter: "UK health institutions have not issued medical certificates for the Coronavirus, the risk of not entering Pakistan is high, you should consider your travel plans".

Recent developments by Pakistani authorities have sparked fears among about 40,000 Pakistani students in the UK.

On the other hand, UK universities have launched online classes in the wake of the virus, and many Pakistanis return to Pakistan to visit their families during the Easter holidays beginning in April.

However, if Corona's medical certificate fears they are trapped.

Rafia Saleem, who is studying at the University of Sussex, raised the question: Are Pakistani authorities not aware that in the UK there is no coronavirus test on citizens' demand and only sick people are tested? It's easy to sit down in the office and make a statement, did they think about the consequences?

He added that Pakistani students in the UK are suffering from severe problems, classes are taking place online and Easter holidays are approaching, they are anxious to come to Pakistan but are not strict on condition of medical examination.

The Pakistani government's announcement sparked anxiety among the hundreds of students who bought tickets in Pakistan before March 21 because they knew it was impossible to take the test in the UK.

Some private clinics in the UK are doing coronavirus medical tests at 345 to 500 pounds (up to one million rupees).

Shah Bano Khan, who studied at the London School of Economics, said that students were already on a budget and could not afford to take such tests.

"The source of our information is the British High Commission, which is saying that there are no certificates, how can our authorities make that decision?" They should have seen what other countries were doing.

"The news of the test certificate means that we are trapped. Pakistani authorities should reconsider this, we will go through the Quarantine phase and enter our country," said Dr. Anjum Najam, who is studying in London.

He said that we could face a shortage of halal food items as the markets would be closed here.

He requested the Pakistani authorities to review their decision.

CAA spokesman Sattar Khokhar, on the other hand, said the authority was up to its decision and it was not an easy decision.

"We realize that this is a problem, especially for those who travel from the UK and Canada, because there is no medical test for everyone but we need more than 20 million to meet some students' concerns," he added. We have to think about the welfare of the population.

Also surprisingly, the Prime Minister's Spokesperson in the UK, Sahibzada Jahangir, posted a message on his Facebook page that 'I am in contact with Prime Minister Imran Khan and Zulfi Bukhari regarding the medical test report. It is an unrealistic decision and those who want to go back to Pakistan face many difficulties.

He added that I am happy to suggest that the government had assured me that the decision would be postponed and Pakistanis abroad would be allowed to travel without such a test report.


Civil aviation authority (caa)

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