Pakistani diplomatic officials meet with students studying in Wuhan

Pakistani diplomatic officials meet with students studying in Wuhan

Posted on Feb 18, 2020

A two-member special task force of the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing met with Pakistani students studying in various universities in Wuhan, the Corona virus-infected city.

A statement from the Foreign Office said that on the special request of Pakistan, Chinese authorities met a 2-member Special Task Force of the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing to meet Pakistani students studying in various universities and in relation to their own health and safety. Was allowed to go to Wuhan to seek information.

The task force has been stationed in Wuhan, which is in contact with Chinese authorities, and when the situation is fully stable and the lockdown is lifted from Wuhan, the task force will return to Beijing, the statement said.

The task force members include Third Secretary and Education Attashi Suleiman who arrived in Wuhan yesterday.

After that, today, the two diplomats went to Pakistani students studying in 4 universities and also spoke to the management staff of each university to get direct information about their health and needs as they visit 3 more universities tomorrow.

The Foreign Office said that the students who met in the university today were diplomats who are healthy and are well taken care of.

Referring to the steps taken to protect Pakistanis against the spread of the Coronavirus, the Foreign Office said, "Ever since the Coronavirus has closed the hub of the province, the Pakistani embassy has played a vital role in facilitating Pakistani students."

In this regard, the Embassy also established two hotlines for contacting Pakistani students with numbers (1) 18501322992 (2) 13167543373.

According to the Foreign Office, the Chinese government has reassured that the health and safety of Pakistani students are as important as its own citizens and that every effort will be made to satisfy them.

In this regard, their body temperature is checked 2 times a day and they are provided with protective gloves while all the people who need some kind of medical care are given prompt and excellent medical help.

In addition, Chinese authorities are psychological counselling students who are experiencing depression and depression.

Remember that 3 Pakistani students in Guanzhou city and one student in Wuhan were infected with the Coronavirus who were discharged from the hospital after full recovery.


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