Pakistan made the best decision by not calling back its students from China, Chinese Consul General

Pakistan made the best decision by not calling back its students from China, Chinese Consul General

Posted on Feb 21, 2020

China Consulate General Li Bijian said that Pakistan made a difficult but best decision not to bring back its students from China.

Addressing the 'Met the Press' at Karachi Press Club, he said that the coronavirus has been controlled while Pakistanis in China are being well taken care of.

"We are doing everything possible to cope with the virus, and people living in several cities in China are completely safe and no one has been infected," he said.

Li Bijian congratulated the elected officials of the Karachi Press Club and said, "We will support Pakistan at every turn".

"We are ready to help Pakistan in this situation," said the Chinese Consul General on gas emissions in Karachi.

Li Bijian stressed that it is the responsibility of the government to rebuild Pakistan economically and the world is changing so we must be prepared to tackle new challenges.

Responding to a question, the Consul General of China said that Muslims in China are safe, doing important work to train Muslims so that they can lead a good life.

Li Bijian added that some Muslims were inclined towards extremism; we have brought them back into the national mainstream.

Responding to a question on China Economic Transit (C-PEC), he said that the project had not changed and the project was undergoing a second phase.

The Consul General of China made it clear that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has not changed any policy on the C-PEC and it is our intention to provide clean water in Gwadar and the surrounding areas.

He said that restoration of Karachi Circular Railway was a good move which would provide excellent transport facilities to the population.

Regarding the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Li Bijian said tax matters for various goods would have to be looked into, but the deal would benefit the business community.

He said that the FTA would benefit from 5-6 billion and it would also increase Pakistan's exports to China.

Chinese Consul General invited Pakistani journalists to visit China and said that journalists in Pakistan are facing many difficulties.


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