Pakistan has become the 24th largest country in the world in terms of coronavirus cases

Pakistan has become the 24th largest country in the world in terms of coronavirus cases

After nearly 1,000 cases and more than 20 deaths a day in the country in the last five days, Pakistan ranks 24th in the world in terms of coronavirus cases and 29th in terms of deaths.

So far, more than 500 people have died of the coronavirus in the country.

Pakistan ranks sixth in Asia in terms of cases and eighth in terms of deaths.

According to the Ministry of Health's website, the countries with the highest number of deaths were 70,000 in the United States, 29,000 in Italy, more than 28,000 in the United Kingdom, 25,000 in Spain, and 1,500 in India.

On the other hand, China and Iran, which initially topped the rankings in terms of a number of cases, have now dropped significantly.

Major General Prof. Dr. Amir Ikram, Executive Director, National Institute of Health, said that the situation in Pakistan will start improving from next month.


He said that according to various models, the total number of cases in Pakistan could have been more than one and a half lakh but it is hoped that by May 30 this number will be less than one lakh.

Dr. Amir Ikram said that the number of cases is decreasing in 9 countries including Spain and Italy while Brazil and Russia are now becoming new centers of Coronavirus and the number will start decreasing in Pakistan after May 30.

He said it was hoped that rising temperatures would slow the growth of cases, but a new series of rains had helped spread the virus.

Dr. Amir Ikram said that the situation is still under control and we believe that Pakistan will go through this difficult time without any major loss.

Microbiologist Professor Dr. Javed Usman told Dawn that the virus ends at 56 degrees Celsius and it is not possible to achieve this temperature in the human body because human cells die at 42 degrees Celsius.


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